Upstate New York Pure Fresh Homemade Maple Syrup, Maple Cream and Maple Sugar Candy

Mill Hollow Maple is owned and operated by Brian Ryther in New Lisbon, New York. With the help of his family, Brian produces one of nature’s most natural and unadulterated sweeteners. Brian has been making maple syrup in Otsego County since he was first able to taste the sweet sap of the maple tree.

In 2004 Brian made his first evaporator and processed the sap from 120 trees. Within two years Mill Hollow Maple was born and Brian purchased the commercial evaporator that is in use today. We currently tap 8,000 trees and use modern maple sap gathering and processing equipment.

In 2010 we incorporated Reverse Osmosis to aid in the reduction of the maple sap into maple syrup, which allowed us to reduce our fuel consumption by 75%. In 2011 our application was accepted by the USDA’s REAP program to expand our Reverse Osmosis capabilities and further reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With greater capacity to process maple sap, it possible for our maple farm to continue to be self-sufficient.

We are a member of the New York State Maple Producers Association and Brian Ryther is a member of the Otsego County, Catskill area, and New York state Maple Producers associations. He is a regional delegate for the state board for the NYS Maple producers.

Mill Hollow Maple offers a full line maple products. From our award winning Grade A Light, Medium, and Dark amber to Grade B Maple Syrup. We also produce maple candy, cream and sugar.